Our Features

Pharmaceutical products can be produced, sold and used in Uzbekistan only in case if they are properly registered and provided with registration certificate in accordance with current legislation.
Excellent quality of documentation
This will speed up the any process cause you'll get rid of the documentation returns from the authority entity for the correction of mistakes.
The highly professional stuff
Entrusting your products to our company staff you will have a unique possibility to start process immediately without drawing away your time for your own staff search.
Experts' consultations
Our qualified professionals give help and consultations regarding specific particularities of each stage.
Clear on each stage
We control and keep strictly the established terms of the every expertise procedure. This will let you plan the terms of your product to be put up for sale and conduct the correct marketing studies, based on the real terms.
Option "Personal cabinet"
Wherever in the world you will be, you will always have the opportunity to watch the every stage of your order fulfillment. The "Personal cabinet" option allows you to get the daily reports on our work.
Partial services
If your organization has its own executive employee you can hire us to hold some certain specific stages of the process.
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Contact us

E-mail: contact@atom.uz
Telegram: @atomuzbot
Address: Uzbekistan, Tashkent